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Dave Winer is searching for interesting blogs

Dave Winer is search­ing for inter­est­ing blogs to do a col­lec­tion. I don’t know how that col­lec­tion is going to look like, but if you’re inter­ested to be col­lechted by him, just send him an e-mail.

How Homer became a Democrat

John Oliver: Brexit update

If you wannabe Prime Minister

The Post-Brexit Plan

Using as a feed reader

I like it when I do under­stand some­thing. Well who doesn’t? But actu­ally I tend to think that things that I don’t under­stand on the inter­net keep on get­ting more and more. 

When Dave Winer wrote that could be usead as a feed reader I got the idea in an instant, although I had an account for month with­out using it.

I can’t see that it could be as impor­tant as the Google Reader and I don’t see me using more inten­sively. But who knows what will be in 2016? So meet me there.

Hot wet rice out of the little german dip machine

Fuck Christmas!

Dale Hansen and Michael Sam — Part of Mine

Isn’t it ironic?

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